Tobi Akiode is a creative writer, and an all round artist whose main passion in life is giving power back to everyone, particularly, the broken, helpless and hopeless; giving them, as much as possible, out of the little that he knows and owns. He writes from his own life experiences, about things, to inspire his readers.

His poetry, music, other visual art forms, and events, are distinct with calls for attention and reflection. It is his hope that in reading and viewing some of his posts, you will be very touched to share your thoughts, in comment sections, and with others.

Beside, his creatives, Tobi is a highly capable and dynamic professional with experience in Auditing, Finance, Project Management, HR and Events and Volunteer Management, in a range of sectors and at public, private and charitable organisations.

He has developed a wide variety of skills that make me a credible appointment for a number of roles. He possesses superb communication skills, from working with a range of colleagues and stakeholders over the years. Tobi is used to presenting information and tailoring the way he speaks, to ensure that complex ideas are understood and customers leave conversations satisfied with the service they have received.

Most recently, Tobi worked in an Auditing context, using great attention to detail and organisational skills, to manage compliance and resolve outstanding issues. He worked with large volumes of data, in an efficient manner, demonstrating a full understanding of internal guidelines and external regulations, to produce positive outcomes smoothly and efficiently.

Thank you for visiting, it is his wish that you find and remain in love, whatever that means to you. Also that you live blessed.