It started

With this 

One explosive

kiss of 

Our lifetime.

You looked. I saw –

Out here and there,

On our feathered lips,

We walked every mile

Down our memories’ lane.

Sorry, in the forest!

Forest? Oh! Home.

At home?

No, yes, at home.

Home, In the forest?

In our shel… Shell?

Ssh… Shelter!

Where? Here?

The seer 

Couldn’t look.

The looker 

Couldn’t see.

Couldn’t argue.

For this time,

I looked, you saw.

At a time, I remember;

Further, we stepped 

Into our hearts’ tongues

Bursting, on and on, in sounds 

Christened by our passion,

revved up for the moments’ spirit.

Ba-ba-blo-oh-ho bla-bla-blo



Why argue?

With who?

Even this one beautiful

Thing, like many others

We missed.

The elephant;

Huge and …!

No, small.

The elephant;

Short, but …!

Yes, tall.

Our twisted looks frustrate

Our minds, our memories

Blink away.

I wouldn’t argue, 

Remembering that

Through me you looked, 

And through you I saw.

Today, I ask myself,

Looking at you, and us,

With one of our

other eyes buried 

out there, in the wild – 

“The Elephant lived? 

No. Yes. 

No. Yes. 


The Elephant died?

Yes. No. 

Yes. No. 


No –

Who knows?” 

Oh! Before we arrived

At our memories,

I was going to say,

“To see

With one…


Is easier than

With two…”

I think.

‘Maybe,’ she says.

She wouldn’t argue.

© Tobi Akiode 

(Why Argue?) | #WhyArgue


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