The once huge light of her

Drained into sticky darkness;

Reduced to silence of kinds, 

Tingly mingling of holey hopes,

Filled with thick black pains.

The only love for her can’t be there.

Time is running out.

She has become a mess;

Impossibilities order her reasoning.

Everything means nothing.

Roads lead nowhere.

She tastes her fears, in her innocence.

“Say something, now, my Lord.”

In corners of her heart, she says.

“Mercy still saying, ‘No’? She asks,

Crying out all of her. 


Nothing for her has changed,

But she has not surrendered praying.

She comes back, regularly irregularly, to 

What this hell is getting her used to – 

Staying alive, eating her years with her tears.

She is lust, in the frame of their future together.

Though this martyr’s dreams seem doomed,

She wants to carry on. 

And she wants to go back home.

She has thought of finishing it. 

Not once, not twice. 

She’s been hanging around: 

Out, in, on, off, away, and about

Dragging the dragging draggy end. 

She is lost on that spot,

But she’s the bargainer.

In her eyes, he is unsafe.

She loves him.

From his ledge afar, 

He watches her remains. 

Her experience is his wilderness. 

She is him torn apart. 

In his eyes, she’s unsafe.

He loves her.

Time is running out, 

Their love is a stranger,

But she is a believer. 

She keeps waiting, 

Watching and praying. 

Like us, 

She deserves a miracle.

Maybe the one who has come

This far with her, if there be any,

Will of His mercy show them,

For all her life, she has waited, 

Faithfully, patiently, with hopelessness, 

And us, for him.


© Tobi Akiode



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