Read like a book

Her clean hands hunt her

‘Knows no other way –

Running, taking covers.

Getting stronger

Becoming clever

Her words gasping,

‘May not be long.

Dreams come through

And it’s up to me.’

She is still out there

Running in the wild,

Buckling her bleeding feet,

With her mind of strength.

Her words gasping,

‘In this together

Nothing lasts forever

Hold your tears

We run, today.

We live, tomorrow.’

Hers is extraordinary –

Will last a lifetime.

Hers is selfless and true. 

Hers is a healer.

One to follow through





Hers is love. 

Hands writing on the wall

Curtain refusing to fall

Embers passing away.

Eyes fixed to the feat.

We are watching

We are hoping

Inside our broken wings, 

Cracked bones, and

Emptied bellies

With, and in,

Her strength.


© Tobi Akiode 


Dedicated to my darling wife

#SheIsStrong #DedicatedToMyDarlingWife)

 — with Kate Akiode.

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2 thoughts on “SHE’S STRONG

    1. Thank you, Emily! Your comment is inspiring. I am actually, I am very grateful, for the gift of a very special wife. Our love was tested from the word “Go”, yet we are still standing, and will continue to. Kate is everything I ever prayed for in a lady,woman, and wife, and I’ll forever be proud of her. X

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