Watchful day and night, 

With you at the centre of His

Thoughts, though silent

Like a truthful darkness.

I am a living witness.

Been in this same ambush

For a while trying to fix

My faith, like I do to my eyes 

On different things to escape 

This destiny-like captivity.

There’s One. Listens very 

Carefully, if you are praying to 

Him, just because in His mind 

There’s something special. 

Just for you, and maybe, for me. 

He is particular about you, 

Knows you too well. 

This too I know too well, 

Because He has, at times, told me.

Stay focused, keep praying.

In no time, you’ll realise that 

All the while you have not 

Been alone. You’ll know how.

The man of all secrets –

He’ll tell you these things.

Many people. Their hard times

Point, pinch, push, pull in different 

Directions. Some unknown, yet He is 

with us all, without divided attention. 

What they do to us they do to Him.

Time is in His hands.

When they’ve done their best worse,

Then He’ll roll out a new order 

– the best of the best like no other.

Father of love, Father of all.

He’ll speak to your loneliness

He’ll command your stress

Depression will listen to Him

Hope is rising again, never to fall.

You’ll rejoice anytime soon.

Don’t give up on yourself

Hope anew, for it’s a new day.

Father is not distracted on our matter

Our time is coming, may be yours first. 

This place is not our home.

Like miles to Him everyday is

He’ll welcome us home someday.

Let’s keep enduring our journies.

Take. Stick it back – your pieces.

Can I give you a hug?

© Tobi Akiode

(Hug of Hope)


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