[Smash from ambush.]

Tell those people, on those

High horses, to come pay

Their dues to amity,

If they ever are going

To go anywhere beyond

Gallivanting in circular

Movements, in shame

Of pleasuring themselves,

Looking down on

Everything, and everyone.

Tell them, we have been watching,

We will be watching.

Tell them, we have been waiting,

We will be waiting.

What’s not to wait and watch?

Nowhere, anytime soon,

We all are going –

This jungle is ours; our paradise.

There, with them, stand a second, 

For here diffidence died.

He was a man like a woman,

A woman like a man,

Sold completely out to peace.

Thank the horses, in your spying,

For their long-suffering.

Whisper, if ever a chance

You get, to them;

“You’re not on your own.”

Give to them these flowers

Of hope from our mothers,

Wives, and daughters.

They will understand.

We have a message

For the low on the high,

But not today.

Totally dumb and helpless

Is today.

But tomorrow,


We will come! We will.

We will go after them, with

All of our brokenness.

How to feel our pains

We will train their minds,

To see their end through

Our own teary minds, 

And entrench things,

Thoughts, and times

In their memories.

They will never forget.

Then, our healing we shall receive.

Then, peace will reign in Babylon.

Even Armageddon will know and want him.


Go, tell them,

For in our thoughts

They are, for thick 



© Tobi Akiode



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