Because we are here,

The dance will continue.

Dance is everything; 

Dancing around our bodies

Hoping to last forever.

Here we dance with happiness;

Happiness dances with us;

We’ll dance for anything,

We’ll dance for life.

We’re making a start

We’re creative, we’re crazy

Dance knows no shame;

Stepping out, and about, naked.

Dance, the only thing to do,

is what we do here 

– in the middle of all things.

Dance is for us

Dance is ours

Feet don’t have arms, nothing to fold

Heart beats, Neck turns,

And no one is here to harm

That’s what we are told.

Maybe it’s true.

Come, join the dance. 

Fear not the twists and turns.

Today is the day; dance everywhere

Ready for rhythms and rhymes

The moon and the stars face us

And time’s up to something.

Who knows?

Dance around dances,

Choose your dance

Submit yourself to the wings 

and wishes of your choice.

We’re dancing the sky, 

Through colours and shades,

To the beginning.

Dance your dance

Like the dance you first danced

When the beginning began

Dance everything dance

Spread out your memories

Shake them all together

That innocent dance from your heart

poked your body to melt, and heal a time.

Do you remember? 

Hear the tune of remembrance.

Me la la so la,

Me la me so so la

Re me do la la me me re me

La la la, la la so la 

(Re me re)

Get up, take a chance.

That’s why we are here

Try. Wear a dance.

Dance alive like life

Dance is everything;

Dance is Happiness.

Don’t mind the colour of happenings.

Dance in dark and light times

Don’t go home empty and lonely!

Don’t go home stressed to death!

Dance to your freedom.

Focus will see you through.

Though a dance in a trance, 

now may be the only real dance.

May be the only time we’ll ever

Danced with… 

Who knows?

© Tobi Akiode 

(Dance is Everything)

#Dance | #DanceIsEverything

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