“An Episode”


(A Soliloquy)


Rain of deadly shots, shots of unfair reigns –

Persecuted curiosity, egoistical bureaucracy

Absent-minded creativity, blurred fantasy

Ballooned stupidity, thinning reality,

Drunken, restless society –

From nowhere hit everywhere. 



(Eyes closed, buried away somewhere

Upstairs, in the temple, rehearsing the dark shaded 

Wailings of withering years

…silence digs deep revealing 

Along in clotted tongues and sounds,

Filling gaps unsaid, unseen).

Holes in thoughts… Swollen patience…

1, 3, A, B, 1, 2, 4, 7, X, Y, Q, 9, z

In Cap and Low, repeat,

Repeat, upside down

Attention seeking PA system

Foot-printing up here

Crowing ‘ku-ku-ru-u-ku!’ 

In mother’s tongue,

From several miles away.

New day breaks…

Distortions reversing…

Processing begins, again…


Shedded culture not tears.

Through fears, became more human –

Not woman enough, not man enough –

Just human, 

For the first time in years…

My-my my-my Migraine.

Bring back my brain!


Cant remember… and

(Rabababa rabobobo rabaroboshei

Rababo, roboba…uhm…Rebo Rabo…)


Time’s gone. Just mine –

But time’s fun – Maybe intentional.

Time will yell, when out of here the hell

(no, the heaven) I get.


Skirts, fingers my memories.

May remember more of forever, 

If a minute you have to spare.

(Rababo, roboba…uhm… 

Rababababobo rabobobobaba)

Ah! Booo-oo-o-m!

Sinful righteousness, angered love

Lucked up lucks, lonely joy

Raped foresight, blinded focus

Nailed movements, noisy chained hopes

Rolling stones –

No, rolling tears…

Migraine and 


Saddest taste of holy delays –

Clumsy lies and liars, romance back offices;

Hide and seek in courts.

Intentions ambushed away,

Yet layered letters play dangerous

With words not mine.

Whispering freedom, from behind front bars

Next to nothing but me, winds me up and down

What have I not seen?

Where have I not been?



Name. Normal Abnormal

Prefix. None.

Date of Birth. Tomorrow, Today, Yesterday.

Address. Unknown

(Climaxed tears dissolve

In homage to memories…)


© Tobi Akiode



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